Lancraft Fife & Drum Corps

Lancraft Fife & Drum Corps, Since 1888 North Haven Connecticut
All invitations or requests for performances by Lancraft should be directed to the Business Manager, who handles contracts for the corps. Depending on schedules and other terms and conditions, Lancraft is available for parades or standstill performances. For a variety of special occasions, we can also supply a smaller music unit. Lancraft will also participate in music/history educational programs in schools and other venues, using our own narrator when appropriate.


President- David Banks

Vice President-  Steve Smith

Corps Historian and Web master - Dave DeLancey

Recording Secretary - Alissa Chapin

Financial Secretary - David Banks

Treasurer - Danny O'Mara

Quartermaster - Dave Delancey

Recruitment - Bill Maling

Business Manager  - Kevin Chapin



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Please Send All Mailing Corrispondence to:

LANCRAFT- Physical Address(Not For Mailing)
62 Clark Ave
North Haven Connecticut 06473

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Lancraft Fife & Drum Corps

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