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Lancraft   Swiss Trips  2016, 2006 and back to 1987

  Basel and Möhlin Switzerland

Activites at the Munsterplatz - Museum of Culture in Basel

Activites at the Munsterplatz - Museum of Culture in Basel

 Museum of Culture in Basel

A small world! 

Kathryn Van Den Brink who is the grandaughter of former member Joe Mc Guire at the Museum of Culture in Basel  visiting with Lancraft members.

Joe McGuire

Swiss hospitality at the School Post performance

Drum major Dave De Lancey still got his beat

At the beginning of the Möhlin parade

with Tambour Michael Schwab from the Swiss Regulators

Group selfie with Tambour Michael Schwab

Lancraft at Möhlin Switzerland post parade

Returning to Basel from Möhlin having gotten around by Swiss Rail transportation we all decided to march back for final night of drum corps festivities.

We three Majors


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Performing onthe Rhein River barge in Basel Switzerland

Lancraft using public transportation to go to the parade

Enjoying the ride.

Basel Tatoo

Basel tatoo

Basel Tatoo

Dave Fontain & Dave De Lancey

Everett Jacobs *  Victor Muller * Frank Chasney

Along the Rhein

Going on stand 


Danny "O" 

Jamming at the Swiss Mariners HQ

Evening Tatoo Parade in Basel

Parading in Basel 

Pre parade warm up 

Danny O' Mara  * Jim Laske * Bill maling and Tom Smith  

Swiss television news coverage of Lancraft 


Lancraft in Basel 1987 

1987 Basel






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